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Automatically add nikud (vocalization) to any modern, poetic or classical Hebrew text.
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Nakdan Pro

Automatic Nakdan with an interface that is adapted for professionals. The Nakdan offers a variety of solutions designed to significantly shorten the time required for adding vocalization.
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Search the Bible

Search the Bible intuitively, with no need to worry about alternate spellings, prefixes and suffixes or sorting out multiple meanings of a word. Dicta’s search engine understands what you’re looking for.
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Citation Finder

Identify exact or approximate quotations of biblical and talmudic sources in a given text.
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Rabbinic Abbreviation Expander

Expand abbreviations in Rabbinic texts. An entered text will be displayed including expanded abbreviations. The automated expansions are editable by the user.
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Synopsis Builder

Align two or more versions of the same (arbitrarily long) text, highlighting differences between versions and matching parallel words, including variant spellings and synonyms.
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Tiberias stylistic classifier for the Hebrew Bible

Define two or more categories of texts of interest (e.g., "early Biblical Hebrew" and "late Biblical Hebrew") and specify some examples of each category (e.g., Joshua and Judges as "early" and Esther and Ezra as "late"). The classifier will find stylistic markers of each category and use these to assign any selected text (for instance, Ruth or Joel) to its most likely category.

Stylistic Segmentation

Partition any selected text into distinct stylistic components. For example, a multi-authored text can be automatically decomposed and displayed so that distinct authorial threads are shown in different colors.
Segment Text

We are constantly enhancing the Nakdan: The latest version has several new features designed to increase your efficiency while working with the Nakdan.

  • File upload: upload Word doc to the Nakdan and after adding nikud, download updated file.
  • Morphological details: If you are debating between several nikud options, you can now view morphological details for each option in order to choose the most relevant niikud.
  • Apply to entire text: When applying changes to nikud, choose between three possible methods:
    • From current word onward
    • Only change unedited words
    • Change all words
  • Undo / Redo last action
  • Edit nikud: Click on a word to see a list of possible nikud options on the left side of the screen. Scroll up and down the list using the Up and Down arrow keys.
  • Move between words on the screen using the Right and Left arrow keys
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Now it is possible to find citations from the Talmud, Mishnah and Tanakh in any given text.

Using this tool you can easily find the correct sources used as a base for Rabinic texts.

Try the tool here:

The following image displays citation results for the “שיטה מקובצת” Using the Citation finder, you can locate the exact sources used in the work.

Citation finder example
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The nikud of Masechet Berachot is a massive undertaking made possible using Dicta’s (Rabbinic) Nakdan tool.

The Rabbinic Nakdan is an automatic Nakdan which applies unique guidelines required for early and modern Rabinic texts.

Masechet Berachot Menukad which has been vocalized in its entirety by the Nakdan and reviewed and edited by professional menakdim, is now available free of charge.

Link to entire work on Github

The work can also be accessed on the following sites:

See Dicta’s home page for more information on the Nakdan and other Hebrew text tools

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Following the launch of the Nakdan we are constantly upgrading its features based on feedback from users.

The latest version can be found here: and can also be accessed on Dicta’s home page.

With the new version of Nakdan Pro you can now:

  • Save your preferred nikud settings.
  • Mark words as invalid so they won’t appear as nikud options
  • Apply nikud either in full form (כתיב מלא) or shortened form (כתיב חסר)
  • Display קמץ קטן
  • Nikud of מה with פתח and דגש
  • Omit דגש
  • Copy and download files with semi vowels (אימות קריאה)

In addition the new version of Nakdan pro has the following new features:

  • Display of Biblical quotes using special Biblical font
  • Enhanced and improved nikud
  • Faster response times
  • New keyboard shortcuts including using arrow keys to move between areas on the results screen. A list of the available keyboard shortcuts appears on the top left of the screen.

Link to Nakdan pro tutorial:

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