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Free computational tools
for analyzing Hebrew texts

Search the Bible

Search the Bible intuitively, with no need to worry about alternate spellings, prefixes and suffixes or sorting out multiple meanings of a word. Dicta’s search engine understands what you’re looking for.


Automatically add nikud (vocalization) to any modern, poetic or classical Hebrew text.

Nakdan Pro

Automatic Nakdan with an interface that is adapted for professionals. It allows you to choose between automatic or manual vocalization or a combination of both. The Nakdan offers a variety of solutions designed to significantly shorten the time required in adding vocalization. For example: personal word database, text editing, keyboard shortcuts, full/short spellings, and more.

Beta version

Pasuk Finder

Pasuk Finder identifies exact or approximate quotations of biblical texts in a given document.

Synopsis Builder

Synopsis Builder aligns two or more versions of the same (arbitrarily long) text, highlighting differences between versions and matching up parallel words, including variant spellings and synonyms.

Tiberias Stylistic Classifier for the Hebrew Bible

Define two or more categories of texts that interest you (e.g., "early Biblical Hebrew" and "late Biblical Hebrew") and specify some examples of each category (e.g., Joshua and Judges as "early" and Esther and Ezra as "late"). Dicta's classifier will assign any new text that you select (for instance, Ruth or Joel) to its most likely category, based on the key stylistic markers of each type.

Stylistic segmentation

Partitioning text using stylistic markers

Beta version